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We and our cooperation partners, Normet and Norconsult have high competence and good teaching ability. This means that the participants will get information about the link between theory and practice in a simple and understandable way, with a view to obtaining qualitative, efficient and economical engineering work.

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About us

Abeis is a specialist company in training, rock reinforcement and underwater concrete. The company arranges and carries out project certification courses in injection, bolting, shotcrete and thermoset training.

Abeis also provides technical specialist services in planning, training and investigation of various projects in the field of underground work. In order to provide a more comprehensive service to our customers, Abeis collaborates with several specialist companies in the industry

The company offers knowledge and competence in the construction industry with a focus on rock room work, rock reinforcement and rock safety.

Abeis is accredited by the Swedish Rock Engineering Association to deliver training courses according to established training plans.

The company is also an approved trainer by the Swedish Concrete Association for shotcrete work.

The goal of the activity is to give the participants increased competence and knowledge of how different work stages should be carried out in the long term by sealing and strengthening areas with different challenges through clear methods and skilled working methods.

Experts at shotcreting, grouting, and bolting

ABEIS Konsult AB is accredited by the Swedish Mining Engineering Association and an approved trainer by the Swedish Concrete Association. We carry out training for project certification in shotcrete, grouting and bolting.