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Hereby Abeis Consult will  offer you and your colleagues to join Customized Project Course in Grouting in hard rock according to the Swedish Rock Engineering Associations demands, ”Project certification”.

Abeis Konsult will during 5 days give basic principles for hard rock grouting technique.

Abeis AB will handle basic principles for grouting work during three days. Magnus Zetterlund, Project Manager for grouting works at Bypass Stockholm, will discuss the thoughts behind the concept and the links to the theory.

The first day is studied engineering techniques, materials, usage characteristics, use of MWD, design, etc. The theoretical subjects are based on relevant literature. On the second day, the course continues with practical exercises where the participants on their own will be given the opportunity to try different types of grouting and then report the results in the form of a quality control. On the third day, work environment issues are addressed, partly on the general issues that concern all underground work, and partly ”grouting-specific work environment issues”. Furthermore, ”possible efficiency methods” are discussed, where participants will actively discuss the pros and cons of these. The course ends with a written exam. In the case of approved results, the participant will be project certified and receive a course certificate showing that the requirements have been met in accordance with the education plan; Mountain design at the Swedish Rock Engineering Association. We at Abeis Consult have high competence and good teaching ability, which means that the participants will get information about the link between theory and practice in a simple and understandable way, with a view to obtaining qualitative, efficient and economical engineering work. Click here:

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