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Hereby Abeis Konsult will  offer you and your collegues to join Customized Project Course in Shotcrete  according to the Swedish Rock Engineering Association’s demands, ”Project certification”. 

Abeis Konsult AB will during 5 days give basic princips for shotcrete technique.. 

The first day is studied concrete technology, materials, properties, applications, etc. The theoretical subjects are based on relevant literature.

The second day, the course continues with spray technology, different methods. Field of application, etc. On the third day, participants will spend time in a laboratory, testing different properties of material for spraying, including testing of early-age strengths, leaching tests, etc. During the forth day, project-specific requirements and application of the theoretical parts as well as occupational safety issues are discussed, partly on the general section of spray-specific issues. Day five begins with workshop and suggestions for improvements are discussed. The course ends with a written exam. For approved results, participants receive a certificate for the theory part. We at Abeis Konsult AB have high competence and good teaching ability, which means that the course participants will understand the connection between theory and practice in a simple and comprehensible way, in order to obtain qualitative, efficient and economical spraying. The application can be sent to:, or directly in the attached application form. For further information please contact Hossein: tel: 072-0084940 or e-mail: Click here: Date:  Look for upcomming courses later on. Location: Rosersberg

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